Has Instagram Made Straight Teeth Even More Important?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media outlets these days. Users from all walks of life are scrolling through their Instagram feeds on a daily basis to view pictures of their friends, family, favorite celebrities, foods, and more.

Since most Instagram users only post their very best pictures, Instagram is loaded with images of beautiful people that have perfect skin and perfectly straight teeth. It’s not uncommon for someone to notice a person’s attractive smile on Instagram and wish they had the same one.

While straight teeth can give people the confidence they need to make the most out of life, they can also protect them from a variety of health complications. Straight teeth are healthier teeth and less likely to develop uneven wear, discoloration, gum issues, and cavities.

Everyday, orthodontists and dentists from around the country are seeing patients who are hoping for an easy, comfortable way to straighten their teeth so that they can smile confidently on Instagram and in real life.

“We know that social media outlets like Instagram have motivated patients to correct their teeth. Fortunately, Invisalign can help them do so in a discreet way,” said Dr. Brian Levitin of Lakewood, Colorado.

Dr. Jason Gladwell of Raleigh, NC explained, “Everyone wants to look like a movie star, on social media and in real life. Invisalign and other treatments can help them out.”

Dr. Clay Sims of Pensacola, Florida, “I know social media has impacted the way people feel about their appearance. The desire for straight teeth has never been more popular and our office is excited to help people achieve this desire.”

“Whether it’s because they want to look great for themselves, friends and family, co-workers, or social media followers, patients have never been more concerned about straightening their teeth. We are pleased to offer Invisalign and other treatments to allow them to do just that,” said Dr. Kevin Bibona of Richmond, Virginia.