Raleigh Dental and Orthodontic Practices Increase Exposure with Solid Marketing

google307587e057e4e55c Let’s be honest. The goal of every dental and orthodontic practice is to provide patients with top-notch care while increasing profitability. In order to boost profits, dental and orthodontic practices must market themselves in a way that attracts new customers and retains existing ones. Digital Marketing Tactics Recently, dental and orthodontic practices in the […]

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What is the difference between invisible braces and invisalign?

Mothers everywhere are asking: “Should my child get braces or invisalign?” And for a good reason too! The possibilities and pros/cons are endless between the two! Some children play sports, some read books, and some climb trees, but no matter what hobby or activity your child chooses to do, either orthodontic treatment should adhere to […]

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Should My Child Get Braces or Invisalign?

To the children that spend their time reading, to the children that spend their time playing sports, to the children that spend their time running around outside and having fun: you’re unique and your orthodontic treatment should be too! Orthodontic treatment is a growingly common trend among adolescents, and with the increasing number of people […]

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