Is SmileDirectClub a Good Alternative to an Invisalign Orthodontist or Dentist?

SmileDirectClub was designed to help people achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile in an affordable way. The company offers discounted invisible aligners that do not require any visits to the orthodontist or dentist. They work with dental providers to review photos, medical history, and dental impressions of potential patients prior to creating a treatment plan. SmileDirectClub patient care specialists can be reached by phone, email, or online chat to answer any questions a patient may have during their Invisalign treatment.

The SmileDirectClub Process

If you’re interested in working with SmileDirectClub to improve your smile, you can use an at-home impression kit or visit a SmileShop to obtain impressions of your mouth. The impressions will then be reviewed by a dental professional who will design a treatment plan that will last for approximately five months.

Next, your invisible aligners will be produced while you are informed of the details of your individualized treatment plan. Every month, you will receive a new sets of aligners that will straighten your teeth. Three months of whitening gel will also be sent to you so that you can keep your teeth white and beautiful.

Once you’ve completed your treatment and checked in with your dental professional, you’ll be encouraged to purchase retainers for $99. By wearing them at night, you’ll ensure that your new smile stays in place. You are free to order whitening treatments whenever you desire.

Why You Should Choose an Orthodontist or Dentist Instead

There are a variety of reasons why the money savings of SmileDirectClub is not worth it. First of all, patients need to be physically examined by a dentist or orthodontist who can conduct an oral exam and x-ray evaluation.

Secondly, it’s incredibly risky to use a low cost remote orthodontic treatment for your smile. By using SmileDirectClub instead of going to an orthodontist or dentist, you are more likely to experience complications and be forced to straighten your smile with Invisalign for a second time. Complications as well as going through the Invisalign treatment again will cost you more money in the long run.

Lastly, SmileDirectClub will not give you the opportunity to reap the benefits of a doctor-patient relationship. A dentist or orthodontist can monitor your progress and address any of your questions or concerns in person. Your smile is your most prized possession so leave Invisalign treatment to highly trained and experienced dentists and orthodontists who have your best interests in mind.