Can My Family Dentist Do a Root Canal?

With sugared drinks, tobacco and Skoal being a very large part of the “Southern diet” it comes as no surprise that more and more dental patients need cavities filled, a root canal or a tooth extraction. If you are feeling a great deal of pain because you a cavity that continues to get worse, it could be the case that you need a root canal. Most of the time, your local family dentist will give you a professional opinion but will not perform the surgery. A specialized endodontist will perform the root canal.

There are some family dentists that have an in house specialist that can perform a root canal but most Raleigh area dentists do not do this. You may find looking for your own endodontist could save you a little bit of your hard earned money.

Before looking for the cheapest option, we would suggest asking the professional opinion of your dentist. While they have no idea how much a specific endodontist charges, they do know what kind of work they do. They will also be giving you teeth cleanings, cavity fillings and other dental work for the next several years so it never hurts to take their suggestion.

You often get what you pay for. With this mindset, it doesn’t hurt to pay a premium for one of the better endodontists in the Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill area. While you may have friends that are orthodonists or dental school students, it is a speciality to perform a root canal surgery.

If you have any questions about a root canal or a local endodontist, comment below and let us know your concerns.