Can My Raleigh Family Dentist do Invisalign and Braces?

It seems everywhere you go in the Raleigh area, people are talking about braces or Invisalign. You can’t go a full mile without seeing a dentist’s office or an orthodontist office. With Raleigh growing so much, it comes as no surprise that many children are looking for dental services and whatever it takes to straighten their teeth. So, is it possible for a local family dentist to do braces or Invisalign?

The answer is yes, but we suggest choosing an orthodontist that is experienced with Invisalign. Performing the Invisalign procedure or putting on braces is very similar to filling a cavity or doing some type of dental extraction. The more someone performs the procedure the better they are going to get at it. If you want the best possible experience when it comes to Invisalign or braces it will likely be an orthodontist.

You have likely visited your local Raleigh area dentist and have seen signs and marketing material for Invisalign. The cost is another major question. Does an orthodontist or dentist cost more when it comes to Invisalign? The only way you will know the answer to this question is to call around to local dentist’s offices to get price quotes. You will not find this information online.

Where do you plan on getting your Invisalign? Would you rather go to an orthodontist or have the procedure completed by your family dentist? Does price matter or are you willing to pay a premium for an orthodontist that specializes in Invisalign?

There are plenty of great Invisalign resources online to help you make the best decision.